Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Praying Mantis - Plus" by The Opus (Electronica Artist from Chicago, IL)

Come and get a huge taste of delicious Electronic/Down tempo music on the newest released album, "Praying Mantis-Plus" by the talented duo The Opus. The creative talents on this album are flourishing as each song is beaming with originality and modernistic style. Feel the soulful beats on, "Eons," as it complements the stirring rush of the melodic melody. The title track, ""Praying Mantis," lets one's imagination run wild as the percussive beats swirl around the finely textured instruments. Although most songs on this CD are instrumentals, a few offer some extremely talented vocals such as "Save Me. (feat. Lord360 & Renea Taylor)" one can hear the vocals easily glide across the crafty, free flowing word play. If you like songs that are new and innovating with an Electronic spin, then you will surely enjoy the enticing collection of songs on the CD, "Praying Mantis-Plus."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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