Sunday, May 2, 2010

"To Begin To Destroy" by David James (Pop Artist from Boston, MA)

The free flowing compositions on, "To Begin To Destroy," by David James is an engaging album infused with delectable Pop/Rock music. James has taken his collection of songs and gives them life with the incorporation of sound textures that are not only appealing but present a nice, mellow tonality. The song, "Estimating Your Time" displays an excellent balance between the solid vocals and sharp flowing instruments. The creative lyrics relating to the game of chess on "Checkmate" makes this song melodic and quite interesting. Take note of the percussive drums on "Top of the Heap" as it enhances the energy this song has to offer. Fans of Jethro Tull or Pink Floyd will thoroughly enjoy the artistic Pop/Rock arrangements on "To Begin To Destroy."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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