Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Space Between The Drops" by Sky Cries Mary (Ambient/Rock Artist from Seattle, Washington(WA))

Sky Cries Mary, the Seattle Trance Rock band, has released a new album titled "Space Between The Drops." It is an album undoubtedly recorded in the audiophile style, as it is an exercise in playing with spacey sounds and psychedelic rock compositions. The song "Rain" begins for a while with a growing soundscape of rain falling heavily and interspersed with moving and floating talking in the background, eventually progressing into a slow and pulsating pysch-rock song that never fully leaves the feeling of the rain it began with. The song "Want" is an emotional track that dances with darker feelings in a song that coolly extracts its feel through a medium tempo beat, strong and solid bass riff, and highlighted with expressive vocals and some sweet string synth play. "These Old Bones" is more ballad-like with a heavy focus on the sound of guitar and an outstanding male/female vocal interplay. This album is for those who appreciate the creativity of psychedelic sounds with interesting and melodic vocals and love musicians who play with that in mind. So, for those who love bands like Pink Floyd or maybe Tortoise, "Space Between the Drops" should be something you should hear.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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