Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Number Theory" by Richard Potter (Classic Rock Artist from North Carolina(NC))

Demonstrating a real mastery of his '50's and '60's influences, Richard Potter's latest CD, "Number Theory," is a thoroughly satisfying pop-rock hybrid album that succeeds on all levels. From echoes of '60's-era Neil Diamond (CD-opener, "Tell the Angels I Love You") to American Grafitti-era rock'n'roll ("Love is Blind") to the wonderfully Pulp Fiction-esque feel of the title track (featuring a terrific Herb Albert-inspired trumpet lead), Potter's solid sense of melody and pop dramatics gives his new 10-song collection a real cinematic flair. Elsewhere, "So Long" is a tuneful ballad blending Music Hall-style banjo strumming with the melancholy strains of cello, while "AM Radio (Everything I Need To Know)" is a driving rocker that's as convincing as the singer-songwriter's lighter, more pop-oriented songs. With an abundance of captivating melodies, interesting arrangements and solid performances, "Number Theory" is a terrific CD that showcases Richard Potter's original and contemporary musical vision to best effect.

-Rice B. and the Review Team
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