Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Mad Forms & Twisted Poses" by R. Scott (Rock Artist from Los Angeles, California(CA))

"Mad Forms & Twisted Poses," by R. Scott, is a sensationally-made Rock/Americana CD. The beginning of the album has more upbeat, honky-tonk rhythms while, toward the end, the vocalist's New Orleans Blues influences are showcased. With many of the tracks performed using only a solo piano to back the vocalist's broad range, the effect is pure and natural, giving the CD a real sense of intimacy between the lyrics, the music, and the listener. The encouraging, "(Ev'rythin'll) Work Out Fine," employs serious piano talent while the vocals are gritty and piercing with the steady tempo of a hit and snare. The aptly named, "Somber Season," tells the story of expectation, loss, and hope in a pleasant and refreshing change to the toe-tappers that precede it; and, although it's slow, it showcases those rich, attention-getting vocals. All in all, this CD is recommended to all Blues/Bluegrass fans, and even those of singers like Randy Newman. It's full, unique, and thoroughly enjoyable.

-Trent C. and the Reviewer Team
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