Thursday, October 22, 2009

"l-10 Assassins" by SOUTHWEST CONNECTION (Hip-Hop Artist from California(CA))

In the popular world of auto-tune and muddying music with keyboard loops and samples, the album, "l-10 Assassins" by the talented Hip-Hop/Rap group SOUTHWEST CONNECTION is a breath of fresh air. SOUTHWEST CONNECTION made a terrific album that you can play front to back at a party and you won't have to worry that your friends won't like the music. The instrumentation on this album ties together the sharp and flowing rhymes this group delivers with smooth and suave expression. "Fast Life" has synth strings and drum beats that groove to the well crafted word play. Tracks like "Reppin' My Block" and "The Jungle's Where I Stay" are best played with the volume on 11 and you may want to crank up the sub-woofer. If you're looking for some honest Hip-Hop/Rap with some modern feel and some old school flavor, you've found it on the CD "l-10 Assassins."

-Matt M. and the Reviewer Team
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