Saturday, October 17, 2009

"King in a Temple" by Amie Penwell (Rock Artist from California(CA))

"King in a Temple" is the latest release from the skilled pianist and vocalist, Amie Penwell. Amie's voice is beautiful and well trained, with a soulful, reflective sound that communicates deep emotions on this CD. The simple and crystal clear production of this CD, very nicely captures the power of Amie's voice. She is backed by a plethora of different instruments and musicians on this album, which allows Amie to demonstrate her vocal versatility. On "Momentary Cure" we really hear Amie's ability to create a positive interaction between her voice and piano playing. It is a powerful slower piano ballad that also has a driving sub current. On "So Many Ways" we are introduced to Amie's more bluegrass side as she opts to interact with a fiddle instead of her piano and the result is a quite enjoyable tune. Give "King in aTemple" a listen, if you are a fan of strong, smooth and melodic vocals over mellow yet emotional music.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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