Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Kass Kass & Kass Tout" by Kass Kass (World Artist from Australia)

The charismatic and well orchestrated African Rhumba music of "Kass Kass & Kass Tout" is artistic dance music created by an innovating group named Kass Kass. This CD is a compilation of two previous albums ingeniously re-mastered and presented as one. This genre of music, Soukous, is a combination of fusing traditional African music with Caribbean flavor. Presenting wonderful lead vocals complemented by delightful harmonies, the song "Kass Kass" is uplifting with its bright and cheery melody and lively percussion. Syncopated rhythms and effervescent guitar riffs keep the vibrant and energetic song "Ba Boutons Rouges" moving along with a solid, danceable tonality. Dazzling horn riffs embellish the memorable vocals and vibrant rhythms on "Mounga Nga" and "Yoyoe." You won't want to miss the catchy melodies and bouncy beats on the delicious and charming album, "Kass Kass & Kass Tout."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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