Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Illusions" by Terry Lynn Tschaekofske (Instrumental Artist from Utah(UT))

Terry Lynn Tschaekofske and his debut solo album, "Illusions," is a collection of songs in which he lets his expert guitar playing be placed center stage. The album is recorded using a variety of guitars; numerous types of sublime electric and acoustic sounds are featured on different tracks, yet on each track Terry is not accompanied by other instruments at all. He wants the listener to calmly take in the subtle and nuanced sounds of his prized instrument. On the song, "Who Was She," we hear an electric guitar slowly croon a love song. The song "Santa Cruz Lady," features an acoustic guitar employing a more upbeat sound with a slight blues influence. On the track, "Inamorata Mirage," we hear Terry's smooth double picking as he plays what comes off as a pleasing antiquated melody. This album is wonderful for relaxing and reflective moments; when one is curled up by the fire or to have playing nicely in the background for a family BBQ. If you enjoy tranquil yet talented music or simply are a fan of instrumental guitar compositions than "Illusions" is an album that you would enjoy hearing.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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