Monday, October 12, 2009

"HISTORY" by Manny Freiser (Rock Artist from Los Angeles, California(CA))

Highly accomplished and talented musician Manny Freiser impresses with a hue of energy and enthusiasm on his latest released album, "HISTORY." Freiser not only wrote these well written lyrics but he performs with excellent musicianship, terrific vocals, and offers up some first rate production. These artistic arrangements focus on thought provoking soft ballads to vibrant and upbeat Alternative Pop/Rock. "Rain" has solid and steady drums and piano chord hits that interact with the strong and expressive vocals. Let the emotive lyrics on the ballad "One Love" embrace memories of love as the soft and subtle strings mingle with the sweet, melodic vocals. Feel the dynamic rhythmic drum pulses on "Body Rock" as it will have you on your feet and dancing to the beat. The wonderful blend of Alternative Pop/Rock music on "HISTORY" is infused with memorable lyrics, engaging beats, and is well worth listening to.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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