Saturday, October 3, 2009

"En Los Campos" by Tommy Dubs (Electronica Artist from California(CA))

Step into a realm where Tommy Dubs creatively delves into a diversity of styles consisting of dancehall, Hip-Hop, rock, Latin, to name a few, on his latest album, "En Los Campos." This fourteen track CD has a lot to offer as each song creates its own vibe with vocal and instrumental interaction. The first track, "Another Day Hustlin' (feat. Touch of CAS)" features suave Hip-Hop vocals that are complemented by smooth guitar riffs and a sensuous, sultry beat. Listen as the smooth flowing and flavorful beat of "The Takeover (feat. Tippa Lee)" whirls you into a new genre with Jamaican vocals rooted with percussive tonality. Get ready to move your feet as you hear the spectacular syncopated rhythms of "La Pampa (feat. Solrak)" bustling with Latin flair. Another distinctive treasure, "Snake and the Apple (feat. Shock G & Humpty Hump)" reveals mysterious sax riffs which swarm around the word play of the steady flowing vocals. Take a spin on the outstanding and talented album, "En Los Campos" as it will please fans of electronica with its variety of sounds and textures.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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