Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Decadent Light" by Evolve iv (Rock Artist from California(CA))

"Decadent Light" by Evolve iv is a deep, hard-hitting progressive/alternative rock CD. This album doesn't hold back the talent of the guitarists at all. The riffs and chords of the guitars and bass, combined with the laid back but heavy lead vocals, mixed with the cool drum tempos, show musicianship working at its best. The CD covers a range of musical influences from various genres, but fully maintains the essence of solid progressive rock. "Listen Up" will have the listener nodding their head as they mentally try to follow the tricky, melodic guitar and catchy lyrics. Track 7, "Must Have Been The Future" displays the versatility of the lead vocals by having a slight country "twang" blended with hard rock. Among the other tracks, "Voyager" and "Write" are plain examples of the pure talent that this band has. The tracks on this CD can and will have fans of Nirvana, Skynyrd, as well as Coldplay fully satisfied.

-Trent C. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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