Thursday, October 22, 2009

"American Spirit" by Kris Hollis Key (Country Artist from New Mexico(NM))

Kris Hollis Key picked the perfect name for his latest album, "American Spirit." The first thing that comes to mind when you start spinning this album is sitting on a porch in the heartland of America. Hollis sings with a solid Country twang while his songs are splashed with rootsy Country and early Blues music. His vocals complement the laid back lyrics which bring out interesting melodies with down home Southern qualities. Tracks like "Honey I Still Miss You" feature some nice embellishments of fiddle, harmonica, and slide guitar. Other tracks are driven by clean rhythm guitar and a quick drum beat as you will hear on the song, "Gonna Catch a Wild One." Overall, "American Spirit" has all the elements of a great Alternative Country album.

-Matt M. and the Reviewer Team
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