Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Firstnighter" by Acoustic Disturbance (Pop Artist from Washington(WA))

Dishing up a wonderful collection of Rock /Alternative music, Acoustic Disturbance and their recent album, "Firstnighter" impresses with a refreshing musical quality. This group is a comprised of musicians, actors, writers, and others who have pooled together to give life to the well written lyrics depicting love and life and the ups and downs people face everyday. With a moving beat and grungy guitar, "Sunshine" hits the mark with melodic vocals and energetic tonality. Take note of the free flowing vocals on "Julie Won't Laugh," "Something's Lost," and "Uniform" as these vocals cascade around the serene, easy feeling energy of the music. Sweet guitars on "Televisions in Trees" boast tranquility and serenity as soft and subtle as they are flavored with melodic persuasion. If you're a fan of Rock/Alternative music, then don't miss a chance to hear the terrific tunes of "Firstnighter."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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