Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Pullin' A Few Strings" by Bill Thurman (World/Instrumental Artist from Arkansas (AR))

"Pullin' a Few Strings" by Bill Thurman is an innovative, pioneering world album marked by a palatable fusion of Irish and Asian musical styles. Utilizing the brilliant sounds of the harp, violin, classical guitar, and pennywhistle, Thurman creates unforgettable instrumental compositions that take listeners into a world of serenity, joy, and thrill. "The Mist On the Mountain" demonstrates just this, captivating listeners with its energetic vibe and striking violin melodies. "Improvisation Harmonic Minor" reflects a softer side, setting a stunningly fitting soundscape for peaceful introspection. Also in the ranks of outstanding tracks is "The Star of the County Down," which emanates passionate emotion. Brought to perfection by balanced and experienced production, this CD is sure to satisfy the musical appetites of any follower of world and instrumental music.

-Xavier P. & The RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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