Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Organic Antidote" by Kingnaldo (Rock Artist from Georgia(GA))

Kingnaldo re-invents the musical styles of Rock/ Adult Alternative music with his latest CD, "Organic Antidote." Although Kingnaldo was born in Puerto Rico, don't be fooled into thinking this isn't a hard core Rock album. Kingnaldo inspirations of hard core rock bands of the '80's and '90's led the way for the fury and progressive modern touches he generously displays throughout the CD. Very reminiscent of the group The Doors, "Antidoto Organico" is embedded with a bouncy beat, grungy guitars, and a colorful vocal tonality suggestive of the late, great Jim Morrison. These collective mixes of songs are sung with vocals that alternate between English and Spanish lyrics. Feel the passionate and soulful vocals on "Mujer Organica" while the guitar adds sweet licks. Percussive flair of the bongo's and the acoustic guitar give life to "Clasico" as the vocals are relaxed and expressive. Don't miss a chance to hear the energetic and exciting compositions of "Organic Antidote" with all the characteristics of Rock/ Alternative music.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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