Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Next Ride Out" by Katie Garibaldi (Pop Artist from San Francisco, California (CA))

Katie Garibaldi's latest CD, "Next Ride Out," is a folk-pop tour de force to rival those of similar singer-songwriters whose brands are veritable household names. Like Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Fiona Apple or Ani DiFranco, Garibaldi is a soulful singer-songwriter of real – if largely unheralded, merits. Her writing is smart & nuanced, her sense of melody is hook-laden & immediate, & her singing is as polished & effective as it is affecting. On this, her 4th album, vibrant country-ish songs like "Hey, Hey Darlin'" & "Nothing Good Lasts," complement straight-up pop-rock tunes (like CD-opener, "Say the Word," or the Billy Joel-like strains of "Went Too Far (Foot in My Mouth)") with equal skill. She displays a bit of Crow-inspired grittiness with the funky "A Love Without Chains," while the wonderful ballad, "I Owe You Nothing," masterfully pits a delicate & beautiful melody against a lyric of willful – but not shrill, defiance. With keen production & a faultless & potent band behind her, Katie Garibaldi's "Next Ride Out" CD is one to hop aboard for – no matter the destination. Indeed, Garibaldi proves the ride alone is worth the price of the fare.

-Rice B. & The RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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