Sunday, August 2, 2009

"N.A.G.A. (National Ass Groovin’ Association)" by National Ass Groovin’ Association (Rock Artist from Minnesota(MN))

Jam-packed with high energy Rock/Funk, National Ass Groovin' Association and their self-titled CD, "N.A.G.A. (National Ass Groovin' Association)," makes its mark with non-stop heavy metal madness. This trio stirs the gruff and tough realms of hard core rock with driving power chords and building beats. Driven by razor-sharp guitar, "Belief" and "Beast" emulate the maximum fury of classic heavy metal while impressing with its tight cohesiveness. A catchy bass riff and funky guitar gets the groove going on "Can't Go," with its flashback to the days of the '70's. Displaying their diversity, the ballad "Lost Lyons" shows this trio can dish out a softer side with a sweet piano solo and laid-back guitar riffs. Not only does this band rock, but they definitely have a sense of humor, as evidenced in the short, humorous song that promotes their website, "" If you're looking for a full-throttle, maxed-out metal sound, then "N.A.G.A. (National Ass Groovin' Association)," is a must-have addition to your heavy metal collection.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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