Monday, August 24, 2009

"In My Wildest Dream" by Andybob (Country Artist from California(CA))

Let there be no doubt, Andybob's "In My Wildest Dream" is a foot stompin', country-rock album that celebrates its redneck – er, country – roots with all the subtlety and nuance of a tailgate party. Opening with the title-track, "In My Wildest Dream," a rocker that'll have Harley riders howling approval, Andybob establishes the parameters of his Telecaster-driven sound with both classic and contemporary accoutrements. Featuring a solid ensemble behind him, Andybob's brand of melodic, up-tempo country is pure roadhouse, musically and lyrically. In "Never Tell Your Real Name" he offers up advice straight out of the what-happens-in-Vegas guidebook, while "Fighting Words" is an ode to one of redneck nation's favorite pastimes. Elsewhere, Andybob waxes nostalgic & sentimental, and even reflective, but throughout the 12-song collection his tunes are informed by the same catchy and rhythmic flair that's a hallmark of traditional country music. Check out Andybob's fine "In My Wildest Dream" for a taste of humorous, down-home country music that's delightfully infectious.

-Rice B. & the RadioIndy Reviewer team.
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