Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Echoes" by Journeyman (Easy Listening Artist from The United Kingdom)

Journeyman, who is artist /composer Nick Constant, releases his first solo CD, "Echoes," which is comprised of melodic and interesting collections of Classical/World Fusion flavored with an exotic flair. Constant's travels have taken him to Africa and the Middle East and he has creatively crafted a collection of easy listening songs using the various tones and sounds of his experiences. His song titles reflect the beautiful mosaic of arrangements Constant delivers throughout his album. A soft, calming effect imbues "Sunrise," as the sounds of slow flowing water cascades around an acoustic guitar playing a sweet lullaby melody. An angelic voice on the title track, "Echoes," delicately rises above the chiming church-like bells in a relaxed, orchestrated production. Creatures of the jungle come to life in harmonious sync on "Equator." Take a journey to the Middle East on "Sands of Time" and become a part of the syncopated rhythm and relax to a soothing voice. Unwind and enjoy the peaceful sounds and melodies of Journeyman's CD, "Echoes," as it will take you to a place of quiet serenity.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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