Friday, August 21, 2009

"Chansons" by VX-323 (Electronica Artist from Oregon(OR))

This is one CD review where I will not have to worry about hurting the singer's feelings. No, it's not that The VX-323 is heartless – well, strike that. The VX-323 is, in fact, heartless: he / she – it, is a robot. That's right. The VX-323 is a "voice synthesis android," programmed to provide vocals for the 9 tracks of electronica / Euro-pop that comprises the fascinating album, "Chansons." Its back story is reason enough to check out The VX-323, but beyond that is the fact that the music, encompassing classic electronica grooves & effects inspired by the likes of Kraftwerk & Depeche Mode, andcountless dance-oriented works of the '80's, so perfectly fits the theme of a robot and its role in a human-centric world. Employing different "voices" (an English-accented yuppie on "Billion Dollar Condo;" a Barry White-like narrator trading off with an Eddie Murphy-in-white-voice clone on "Hey Baby;" a disembodied PA announcer on "Commuter Flight," etc.), The VX-323 "sings" songs about work, humans and technology from the non-human perspective. Funny, clever, thought-provoking, and musically satisfying as a collection of Euro-infused synth-pop songs, The VX-323's debut CD, "Chansons," must be heard to be believed.

-Rice B. & the RadioIndy Reviewer team
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