Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Touch Me" by Vaughn Hemingway (Pop Artist from Missouri(Mo))

Vaughn Hemingway's compelling debut CD, "Touch Me," finds the singer-songwriter experimenting with form and delivery in a provocative 9-song collection that is just elusive enough to defy easy description, but more than potent enough to command deeper scrutiny. Shifting between straight synth-drenched pop "Touch Me," to lo-fi expressionism "Emma," to sprawling, multi-dimensional scores "I Want To Be Your Angel," and "Jerrylin," Hemingway's mainly synthesizer, guitar, and drums backing makes for a stylized, indie map of his musical explorations. The intensity and characteristic quality of Hemingway's performances and unique vocals transcend mere considerations of production or audience formatting. For instance, "Bring Them Home," is a solemn piano-based tune that feels like nothing that came before it, and yet it does not feel out of place on an album bereft of artificial boundaries. The CD "Touch Me" by Vaughn Hemingway will find ready ears with music lovers who appreciate an artist's vision and individualism.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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