Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Nightlife; A Pop-Opera in Three Acts" by Navarro and Stamps (Pop Artist from Texas(TX))

Navarro and Stamps' intriguing album, "Nightlife: A Pop-Opera in Three Acts," with its random and all-too-real sound bites of desultory social intercourse interwoven between and within the framework of its 23 tracks, finds the musicians delving into the dullness of everyday life with sounds & structures that belie the banality of the "night of serious drinking" this album entails. Navarro & Stamps' vocal & instrumental pieces rely on electronic keyboards and sound effects to explore and delineate the moods and states of mind evoked in the erstwhile narrative. Musically, the soundscape ranges from the cartoon-like "Everything is Now," to the no-frills electro-pop "Life is Taking for F--king Ever," to the enigmatically dissonant "Reprise & Postlude," recalling artists as varied and diverse as They Might be Giants and Tom Waits. Taken as a whole, Navarro & Stamps' "Nightlife: A Pop-Opera In Three Acts" is both a provocative and satisfying piece of work that demands, and, more importantly, rewards multiple listens.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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