Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Green Evolution" by Sudama Mark Kennedy (Pop/Rock Artist from California (CA))

Opening Sudama Mark Kennedy's new CD, titled "Green Evolution," is a relaxed, Brazilian-style slice of vocal jazz, "Your Heart Just Knows," serving notice that his Adult Contemporary-oriented and deeply spiritual music is as eclectic as it is accomplished. A guitarist and multi-instrumentalist as tasteful as he is skilled, Kennedy's laid-back style works to perfection whether exploring Indian melodies ("Mystical Envelopment"), mining James Taylor-like easy listening ("Hum Alla Allelujah"), or even creating improvised, ambient New Age soundscapes ("Healing Zither"). A soothing and tuneful singer himself, Kennedy's inventive use of female vocals to counter melodies, or flesh out the harmonics of otherwise spare arrangements, adds yet another dimension to this album's California polish. With a back story as intriguing as his rich, spiritually-based music, Sudama Mark Kennedy's excellent "Green Evolution" is sure to satisfy on many levels.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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